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Aim and Objects:

Ittehad has wide range of projects, in order to improve and develop the society with its Motto, “LIFE AND KNOWLEDGE” and life for healthy Society and knowledge for qualities educated society and enhance other planning to repudiate the curse of Society. The vision is to realize and individuals, groups, institutions and media to ensure their financial moral support for the improvement of education, Technical promotion and Health sector, AND Justice, capacity Building, Advocacy, Poverty Elevation, human Rights u0026amp; resources, Environment , peace, Gender Development, policy making, community development Traffic management, Credit/Micro system, Drug abuse, Governance etc. the future aims and objects for which the Association is going to establish are given as under:-

a)    To promote education, Health and Sustainable development to work for Primary Health of the needy and poor peoples to establish old age houses, Medical camps, Medical Centers, Hospitals, Dispensaries, Kidney’s/ cardiac centers, Cancer Hospitals and to aware the peoples about their health and against the danger diseases and its care etc. and organize Operation theatre u0026amp;  Laboratories and ambulances vehicles service arrangements of funeral, gave and vehicles for dead bodies.

b)    To establish and run Institutions, Schools Colleges, Universities for male and female and its branch or branches and to establish elementary Schools, Technical Centers, empowerment and to work out on remote areas on circular basis improve literacy rate specially on women, child, girls and youth disable peoples in the rural areas, awareness of  education related subjects.

c)    To establish free education centers/ Institutions for poor and orphan students and to provide them free books, Uniform, free residence and other necessities of life, also to establish workshop for awareness of common people.

d)    To establish committees of Journalists, columnist and writers and to organize the people of rural areas to manage their business and society will give the awareness about their latest business information through as a aims and objects of this Society.

e)    To establish, manage, maintain and administer, conduct seminars and conferences on the all topics include as aims and objects of this Society.

f)    To make polices for community development, Gender Development and to aware and educate the community increase their ability to improve and arrange their live hoods.

g)    to organize the unit in rural areas, research on disease of human, drug abuse to work against corruption or criminal activities, child labour and other resources, and to educate the people for the human rights.

h)    To work for plantation violence against pollution, sound pollution and water pollution, To protect the humans from hygienic diseases specially to work on women sector u0026amp; child, old age citizens to awareness of the protection from diseases.

I)    To help the people provide them homes, food u0026amp; medicines, rescue from the disasters areas through the management of the society with trained workers u0026amp; technical support, usage of machinesu0026amp; equipments. To arrange the sources of transportation for the people from disaster areas.

j)    To collaborate, cooperate with other institutions, trust, Organizations/ foundations having similar activities for advancement of any other objectives of charity u0026amp; benefits.

k)    The association has the right to amend any points aforesaid for the benefits of providing better services to the public.

l)    To secure, receive, accept and manage funds, donation, grants, endowments and any other moveable or immovable properties from lawful sources within or outside country and to utilize them for the furthering and promoting the aims and objects of the Association, subject to the approval of competent authority.

m)    To generate fund for meeting the expenditure from the contribution and donations.

n)    To create awareness and empowerment through capacity building in respective discipline.

o)    The association shall confine its activities only to the objects of the Association as set through memorandum of Association and Income and property of the Association from whatever source derived shall be applied solely towards the promoting the aims and objects of the Association and no portion whereof shall be paid by whereof dividend profit, bonus to any member, office bearer of the Association for otherwise, violation of this condition shall the personal responsibility of the office bearer and the member concerned of the Association.

p)    The Association shall be run on non-political, non-commercial and non religious basis, but on the charity basis.

q)    The promoters/ Subscribers of the Association shall not be paid employee of this Association and also would not be Paid employee in any manner.