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About IWF

The purposes and demands of Ittehad Welfare Foundation:

Ittehad Welfare Foundation is a regular Registered Institution that works under the supervision of Scholars, according to Islamic principles for the welfare and prosperities.

Ittehad Welfare Foundation is an actual Welfare organization and do not belong to sects, politics, eloquences and territorialism etc.

Ittehad Welfare Foundation taking care according to Islamic principles, essentially spends financial supports which receive from persons as per their wishes to the Madarsas and sectors and provide integrity to those who are actually needed.

Ittehad Welfare Foundation provides priority of those welfare projects those permanently afford relieves to the poor persons.

Ittehad Welfare Foundation on the occasions of Eid-Ul-Azha distributes the meet of sacrifice animals those needed and poor persons of backward territories which are in interiors and very far in the country.

Ittehad Welfare Foundation wishes to install and construct the well, tube well and hand pumps those territories having the water paucity.

Ittehad Welfare Foundation has been performing the help according to its capacity to those persons who suffer in the troubles of floods, earthquakes and disasters etc.

Ittehad Welfare Foundation intends to construct Mosques and Madarsas to expand the education in the villages.

Ittehad Welfare Foundation intends in its future planning on permanently basis to help those persons who are widowed women, poor, orphans and to provide sewing machines for widows, arrangement of marriage of orphan girls, monthly payments to needed persons and Eid Packages, food and clothes etc.

a) To Provide facilities of free medical camp, medicines and hospitals in the villages.

b) To Take of old aged and ailing persons.

c) To Arrange of burial of poor and unsheltered persons.

d) To Provide the holy Quran and Islamic books in mosques and madrasas.